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Forget their Opinions & Increase your Self-Confidence in 3 Steps

Have you ever found yourself shopping in places you wouldn't normally shop or making purchases solely based on either the direct or indirect influence of someone else? Let's be honest, surely we all have at some point in our lives especially with how influential social media is these days.

Influence alone isn't the issue, since having the desire to "fit in" is normal but it differs vastly from living your life based upon getting approval from others. The sense of belonging and acknowledgement that it brings to be a part of something feels awesome, but what happens to our thoughts and feelings when what you've said or done has gone unnoticed? Or worse, people around you are outwardly expressive about their disapproval toward a decision that you did or did not make? You've begun to fill your tank based on their approval, but now, they've stopped providing it. When the acceptance is no longer there, your tank begins to drain, forcing you back into unresolved feelings of void and emptiness. Like a chain reaction, your self-esteem and self-worth begin to decline, then the negative thoughts creep in. Making matters worse, imagine you're someone that already carries around the weight of low self-esteem, a situation like this can be so much more difficult to overcome. This is why I have provided you with three ways to simply stop giving a HOOT about the approval of others. Read on!

Three Ways to Stop Giving a Hoot
  • Realize that true riches have ZERO monetary value

Way back in the day, I would find myself really bothered when it seemed others were out doing me in life with their lil' fancy clothes, houses, cars and such. It would send me into a ridiculous downward spiral of depression, making me feel that I need to catch up, quickly. Funny thing is, as I paid more attention, the people that seemed to have it all, many times, they were deeply miserable. Their house was not a home, they had no one there that loved, cared or provided them reassurance or they hated their unfulfilling job, but felt stuck there. Maybe the extravagant material things were filling a void they had within themselves? No clue.

I soon realized, my true blessings came along with being secure in things that no amount of money nor success could buy. Take a moment and remind yourself that the physical and emotional well-being of those that you love is absolutely more important than the opinion of any one else and that is what's going to keep you solid for the long haul.

  • Check your circle, is where we hurt ourselves most; our personal relationships. We have got to choose our friends wisely. At all costs, avoid falling into the wrong groups of people. Of course we know that personal relationships aren't generally planned out in advance, so it can be quite difficult to realize someone isn't for us until we have already formed a bond. People that have a common interest tend to grow their relationships based whatever the commonality is.

Be honest with yourself here, are you hanging around the wrong places? Are you a magnet for bad company? Think deeply on that one. Being in an environment where folks constantly try to coerce or guilt you into doing things that your morals do not line up with is unhealthy and huge red flag! Be sure to surround yourself with people who respect YOU and your values and encourage you to make responsible choices. Remember, your circle also includes your family and your significant other. There, I said it. Now take it in.

  • Build on your self-confidence

Who are you, really? Take time to reflect on who you are when no one is looking. Identify that person. What is inside of you that makes you feel that you need to have the approval of others in order to feel accomplished? When did it start?

Identify your inner self and the things that you love about who you are despite the opinions of others. What is in you, no one can change - unless you allow them to. Grab a strong hold of those traits that you love about yourself. Consider them your armor; your armor of confidence. As you begin to build your self-confidence, self-trust will come as well. Trusting yourself allows you to keep your thoughts, ideas and decisions that you make to yourself, without the concern of how others feel about them.

The Bottom Line

Having the best of everything does not mean that you actually have the best of everything. Remain true to yourself and to your personal values. If you're finding yourself in situations where the people around you are encouraging you to make irresponsible decisions, they are totally wrong for you. Don't bring yourself down by remaining involved with people that can't see your worthiness. Work on building your self-confidence! Realize that NO ONE can stand in your way once you've become grounded in yourself.

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